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Detroit Lions Week 1 injury update: What we know about Ezekiel Ansah Graham Glasgow Jersey , T.J. Lang, Matthew Stafford Monday night wasn’t just a disaster in terms of performance on the field for the Detroit Lions. They also dealt with injuries to some key players. Matthew Stafford, Ezekiel Ansah, T.J. Lang and Darius Slay all missed time against the New York Jets. While we won’t know the full status of any of these players until the first injury report of the week (expected Wednesday), here’s what we know about each of their statuses as of Monday night.Matthew StaffordStafford suffered two injuries. First, his leg got stepped on by Taylor Decker, leaving him with very limited mobility for a single drive. However, he didn’t miss any time because of the injury and he looked much more comfortable on his leg as the game went on.But not much later, Stafford took a brutal hit simultaneously low and to his midsection. Stafford stayed down for some time after the play, and ended up missing a couple plays.Stafford would end up coming back in Da'Shawn Hand Jersey White , but was pulled when the game was well out of hand.Where things stand now: It looks like Stafford is relatively fine. He’s not expected to miss any time, and he told reporters after the game, “I’ll be okay.”UPDATE: Stafford gave more details on the radio Tuesday, and it seems like he’ll be just fine: Ezekiel AnsahAfter just 19 defensive snaps, Ansah left the game with a shoulder injury. He went into the locker room, and it didn’t appear he ever returned to the field. Though he was first listed as questionable to return with the shoulder injury, he was eventually downgraded to out. Where things stand now: After the game, head coach Matt Patricia could not give an update on Ansah’s condition.“We’ve got to go in there and take a look at it and see what’s going on,” Patricia said. We’ll hopefully know more early this week.T.J. LangIf you skipped out on the game early, you probably didn’t even know T.J. Lang suffered an injury. He missed just one offensive snap for the game (the final kneel down) Womens Sylvester Williams Jersey , but the team officially announced that he was questionable to return with a back injury. Where things stand now: We don’t know, but this is obviously a very concerning injury. Not only did Lang miss the entire preseason, but he also missed time last season with a back injury. There’s no word on whether this is the same kind of back injury, but for a player that has struggled with staying healthy since landing in Detroit, this isn’t a great start to the season.Darius SlaySlay took a friendly-fire hit to the head when Ansah landed on him in the first quarter of the game. Though it looked bad at the time, the team evaluated him for a concussion, and he was cleared. He was in for the very next defensive drive. Where things stand now: Head injuries are always tricky, and we’ve seen symptoms show up hours or even days after a player suffers a concussion, so Slay isn’t necessarily clear from the injury. However, he sent out an optimistic tweet after the game:Notes: Detroit Lions earn A+ grade for game vs. Patriots The Detroit Lions have garnered some love.After a brutal outing against the Jets to start the season and a disappointing loss to the 49ers the following week Youth Austin Bryant Jersey , the Lions managed to upset the Patriots in prime time. Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox gave the Lions an A+ for their performance on Sunday. He credited the improved defensive scheme and the effective offensive playcalling for the win. Coupled with finally getting a 100-yard rusher, there were plenty of positives from Matt Patricia’s first career victory.The Lions received an F in Week 1 and a C- in Week 2. Their season grade currently stands at a C+, but the team showed vast improvements against New England.After a rough start to the season, Frank Ragnow rebounded nicely against the Patriots:Ragnow and his fellow offensive linemen were creating huge holes for the run game. Brandon Thorn breaks down some runs in this thread:Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm will be the first ever all-female duo to broadcast an NFL game later this season.ESPN interviewed Fortnite icon Tyler “Ninja” Blevins about his Lions fandom, as well as how it felt to meet Lions players new and old.The Lions worked out another former New England Patriot this week: Because of the Lions’ inconsistent schedule thus far, Matt Patricia hasn’t been getting much sleep thus far. Players and fans all over the league are mad about the new “roughing the passer” rules regarding defenders using their entire body weight when landing on quarterbacks. The competition committee reportedly isn’t very happy either, and while they won’t (and can’t) make any rule changes midseason, they may be enforcing the rule differently going forward, according to a Washington Post report.